One app for all your forms!


Save time and money by upgrading your business forms with Tablet Forms.
The look and feel of your forms remain intact for easy user adoption and are enhanced with powerful workflows to fit the unique processes of your organization. 


Process your forms everywhere

One account for all your devices.

Pre-fill a form on your PC and complete it on your tablet in the field.

Send a form to a co-worker for further completion and submit it to a manager for approval.

No matter where or on which device,  based on your log in credentials you can access your forms anytime anywhere!


Tablet Forms App

The Tablet Forms app makes it possible to process all your forms offline.

Forms can be created, completed and saved, without having to compromise on functionality.

Once a internet connection is available again all forms are submitted with the push of a button.

After a form is successfully submitted, the Tablet Forms app will hide it automatically, providing instant overview of the still to process forms.

The Tablet Forms app is available in the following app stores:

     download_on_the_app_store  google-play


Tablet Forms Designer

Building forms could not be easier with the Tablet Forms Designer.

Just drag and drop the field types onto the layout area.

Choose from multiple input and layout fields to build the perfect form for your business process.

Add mandatory fields, calculations, if then else formulas, setup the workflow options and if needed even add your own code.

Forms can be straight away assigned to users so that building the form to using it in the field is mere a couple of minutes!

Elevate your business with the Tablet Forms Designer.

 There were numerous reasons to make the transfer from paper to digital forms.
The two most important were speed and completeness of information. 

Marcel Snoek , Technical service manager at Jan Reiling B.V.


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